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on May 22, 2012

Here is/was my entry to this week’s Picture it & Write, hosted by Ermilia. First, here’s the picture I was presented with.

Now what was I to do with that? Well, after poking around at some ideas and then reading Ermisenda’s entry, I came up with the following poem. (Because remember, everything makes me think of a poem.) 😉

You are immeasurable
Every word you speak is in-valuable
Your worth is inestimable
And your actions reflect that

None can hold a candle to you
None can buy or sell your soul
Sun-kissed, flawless, you’re life’s solace
No matter what you do, you’re always whole

I encourage all of you to take a swing at either writing a poem, or a paragraph of fiction in relation to the picture. Once you give it a go, I promise you it’ll be fun! (And if you need ideas, click this link to see all the wonderful entries at Ermilia!)


2 responses to “Worth

  1. granbee says:

    Okay, here goes (loved your entry, by the way!)

    The old lady kept seeing the little girl skip up and down by her window on the sidewalk with her new neon jumprope. Now this old lady wanted to join in, but she could barely get out of her chair. “I wonder what I could use in here that would make me feel as perky as that little girl?” Just then, her hand fell upon the top of her sewing basket. “Hm, let’s see what I left in here that I could a least twirl around my feet.” She pulled out cough drop wrappers and hairs dropped by her comb until she uncovered a measuring tape. “I always hated this ugly pink splotchy measuring tape. Let’s see how it looks twirled around my ankles.” The old lady leaned over and draped the measuring tape around her ankles. Suddenly, she was flying out the window and over the little girl. It turns out, that measuring tape was made from left overs from Mary Poppins’ umbrella!

    P.S. Guess who the old lady is, Ray? (tee,hee!)

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