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on May 23, 2012

Ever felt so afraid of something, that you needed some talking off the ledge? Ever had to be the one talking to yourself? Here is an except from a journal page of mine, in which I was experiencing both things. I hope you all find it encouraging. Plus, the picture below is one I took a few months ago. Can’t remember if I posted it up already, but it seemed to fit nicely with this post 🙂 Enjoy!


I think I’m done fretting now
I’m ready to give this all into Your hands
I’m done wrestling these emotions to no satisfactory end
I’m done dragging bags full of tears
I could spend all day in fear and cloaked in anxiety, but what good does it do me?
What good has it ever done me?
Is what I’m pursuing, is it life or death?
Even if it is, I’m a disciple of Christ
I win in the end because I get to be with God and Jesus
Am I afraid of looking bad?
Even if I am, my true friends will never leave
Even if everyone on the face of the Earth scattered and disowned me
I know that Jesus will never abandon me
Am I afraid of failure?
Even if I am, in the end, the heaviest failures produce the most uplifting successes.
Failures help me connect, understand, appreciate
The failures keep me humble
Besides which, what are “failures” other than “try outs”
So if I don’t make the cut, what will happen?
An inner apocalypse?
I think I’m better than that
At least, I’m striving to be
So I think I’m finally done being ruled by the look of situations
I’m done judging my faith on circumstances
I’m ready to give the reigns back to God
And to be at peace



8 responses to “Submission

  1. treeparker says:

    I like the line “I’m done dragging bags full of tears”. Nicely said.

    Feel free to follow me over at my new site Click the brown follow button in the lower right hand corner.

  2. Julie Catherine says:

    Wonderful testament to your inner journey and being able to rise above those fears – lovely! 🙂

  3. Barbara says:

    Much wisdom at a young age!

  4. granbee says:

    There is no great freedom or empowerment than total submission to His Will!

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