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Photo Op: Now here then gone

on June 4, 2012

I’ve learned an important lesson when it comes to photography: procrastination is fatal. I saw these starting to bloom, and since I’m no floral expert, decided to wait and see if they’d get bigger. Then one day, I took a quick shot just in case I’d forget later. It’s a good thing I did!! They wilted the following day. That reminded me of all the times I put off taking a pic only to find it gone later. So, for all of you following along, I promise you this is the last flower pic for a little while 🙂 Tomorrow, I’ve got something totally different. Enjoy!!



7 responses to “Photo Op: Now here then gone

  1. bocotypo says:

    Gotta be on your toes tha’s for sure. Nice shot!

  2. hbs1991 says:

    Loved running across this pink calla lily on your blog, the way I used to plant them intermingled with verrigated hostas, very nice makes me wish I had the garden still. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking the post on “Edible Flowers”

  3. pobept says:

    Photo’s are a target of limited opportunity. If you need to go get your camera, most likely by the time you get back you have missed your best opportunity for that perfect photo.
    Happy photography and summer gardening

  4. RLS says:

    I’ve had the same experience with my nature photography and missing the shoot. Capture every image I can. And if later I get a better image, great! If not, then I still have a shot work with.

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