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Photo Op: Some Pics are Hard to Take

on June 17, 2012

Seriously, I almost gave up on this one!

I love browsing the photo blogs on wordpress and getting some ideas for my own. And I’ve come across the classic “achenes flying off the dandelion” shot more than once. Little did I know how hard it was going to be. Not only was it hard to determine when to snap the photo (only to have the background clear and the subject blurry) but it was mega difficult to blow those little seeds off! I went home thinking the whole endeavor was a failure. But after browsing through  hundreds of failed and delete worthy out of focus shots, I came across this one. Not perfect, but not too shabby either. At least the flower is clear….

Plus, Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome dad’s out there! And to my dad: Thanks for being the best! You’re the coolest dad on the planet! 🙂


14 responses to “Photo Op: Some Pics are Hard to Take

  1. 5oatravaposan1971 says:

    Reblogged this on Jennifer Kubitz Journal and commented:

  2. Artphalt says:

    Thank you for your appreciation on my blog, this shot is amazing! Have a nice day,
    Artphalt (

  3. colorswirls says:

    Time to make wishes!

  4. Raechel says:

    That is a very impressive photo! Wow 🙂
    Thank you for the ‘like’ on my blog! 🙂 Is your full name Ray, or is that short for something?

    • mjray926 says:

      Thanks + you’re welcome! And Ray is just a nickname, but the name I normally go by anyways 🙂 Plus, I love how you spell your name!

      • Raechel says:

        Oh okay. That’s pretty cool though 🙂 It is a unique nickname, and I like it 🙂
        Thank you! Most people get confused with how I spell my name XD

  5. Bradley P says:

    Excellent picture. Glad your hard work paid off.

  6. bruceczopek says:

    It’s good you didn’t give up! Great shot.

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