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Photo Op: Project Web

on June 21, 2012

I’m a novice in the photo field, but here’s my two cents on this photo project 🙂

“I’ve just about had enough of this oogling at spider webs. I’m going to get a photo.” – that was my thought process yesterday afternoon.  So I marched outside to the newly spun web on the back porch, aimed my camera, and snapped. My camera got a gorgeous pic of the grass in the backyard, without a spec of web to be seen. That took me by surprise, so I snapped again, and again, at different angles, with dark and light backgrounds, and every pic had one thing in common – no web. Then my twin suggested I take a cup of water and (with my hands) sprinkle some drops on the web. Genius!  I did it, but only a couple drops stuck. So, I got one of these:

Spray bottles: perfect for making gentle mists.

I sprayed, placed it off by a chair, walked back over to the web, positioned my camera, and frowned. The droplets were gone. I repeated all the steps (including the frown) before I noticed that here I stood, in 96 degree weather. The water was going to dry fast no matter how hard I sprayed.

Lesson 1: Keep your water source close….especially in the summer. Obvious, yes, but somehow I had to learn that through trial and error.

I got frustrated after my tenth pic revealed (yet again) the side of my house. Super clear, but not what I was looking for.

Lesson 2: Don’t give up! Have fun, and get creative 🙂

I couldn’t give up and miss out on a wicked sweet shot. While I was messing around with the controls on my camera, the owner of the web (a gorgeous, medium sized spider) came out to inspect the web. I fumbled around with the camera and got…nothing. Not even the spider. That’s when I knew I should make a project out of all this. In the end, I will walk away with a picture of a clear web, and a spider to top it. Who knows how long it’s going to take me to get this pic?! It could end up being years from now! But it seems like a great way to improve my photography skills. Don’t worry, I’ll also take pics of other things and post them up on my blog. Who wants to see a bunch of blurry photos all the time? While I didn’t get anything epic, I did inadvertently water the nearby strawberry plants:

Not what I was aiming for, but that’s one thing off the checklist. For now, I leave you with the best out of the bunch, in hopes that this will be NOTHING compared to my grand finale!

The spider had been so kind to let me spend a good while spraying his web, so I gave it all a break for the day. 🙂

Got any web pic tips? I’d be happy to hear em!



8 responses to “Photo Op: Project Web

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Very creative! We recently inherited a camera and still testing it out, hope to figure it out in the summer. Happy photograph-ing!

  2. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    You are going to get the shot you want…just keep hanging in. I have never tried to photograph a spider web so I have no suggestions for you. That is a great shot of the strawberry plant with the water on it. Hugs

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the photos you take. I’m fascinated by photography.

  4. Barbara says:

    Keep at it! I’m eager to see the final sweet pic! 🙂

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