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The “In Over My Head” Contest

on August 30, 2012

Like I always say, good things happen on Thursdays. Today was no exception.

When I went to check my blog stats this morning (as I do very excitedly almost every morning) an awesome surprise greeted me. I’ve been informed that I now have 900 followers! AHH! I’d never thought it possible! That got me REALLY excited, and…well, really ambitious. I want to take my novice blog even further. How does 1,000 followers sound?? I know it’s crazy, but not impossible! In fact, I’m issuing a contest for all my fellow novices out there! For the entire month of September (which starts for me in a day or so) I challenge you, my awesome readers, to the In Over My Head contest. The rules are below.

  1. Have you ever had to face doing something you were a complete novice at? Write a post on your blog about a time when you felt you were in over your head. The crazier, the better!
  2. Make sure to add a link to my blog in the post or let me know in the comments section below that you’ve posted.
  3. For those of you who aren’t big into writing posts, or don’t have the time to write one up, either post your story in the comments below or write your name and the thing you are a novice at in the comments. For example: Ray – I’m a novice at photography. Make sense?
  4. Lastly, you may be thinking, “this is a contest, what do I win?” Well, while I can’t afford to send you your own private jet, I can post up your story in my blog at the end of the month (if you did indeed write a story) and put up a link to your blog in the post. Plus, you get bragging rights. Who doesn’t want bragging rights?!

I hope you guys have a lot of fun with this! It’s been a blast blogging so far. THANK YOU to all of my followers, and those of you who stop by from time to time. I couldn’t have made it this far without you!

Can’t wait to hear from you all!


And now for today’s photo op entitled, Stretching It.

This little panda bear cub took a quick stretch before crawling in “bed” to take a nap . It was such a cutie! Plus, sorry about the slight glare, I was behind glass.


7 responses to “The “In Over My Head” Contest

  1. Just yesterday I had to prepare lunch for my Martha Stewart-like friend. I had 4 separate dishes to complete before her arrival. When I looked up at the clock, with 15 min left, no shower taken, and only 2 dishes complete, I knew I was doomed. But somewhere inside came the refrain “it will be all right”. I ran up to the shower, to formulate a plan and decided to be calm. Somehow time stood still while I showered, dressed, cleaned up the mess, set the table, and arranged the incomplete dishes for a bake and stirfry period while we chatted until everything was done! We had an amazingly good time together eating, chatting, and sharing stories. I seem to NEVER have enough time before entertaining guests, no matter how well I plan. . . I’m always in over my head, but always come through!

  2. […] I read a post from Novice Journal where the question asked was: Have you ever had to face doing something you were a complete novice […]

  3. changeforbetterme says:

    wow! 900 followers?? I don’t even have 100 yet! Way to go!

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