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Birthday Time!

on November 21, 2012

It really doesn’t feel like it but…I’ve done it. I’ve kept up this blog for a year! On this day, a year ago, I decided to invest my energy into posting randomness on my very own internet abode.

Here’s where things get mushy. You can either groan and scroll down to the pic of the day or wade through a mini documentary of my twelve month excursion. Pic your poison. See what I did there? I spelled the word pick like… oh never mind. It really wasn’t that clever.

I originally created this blog with no intention of anything amazing. I had no goal, no angle to work with, and no blog title. I gawked at the empty “name your blog” box for a good twenty minutes till I made up Novice Journal off the top of my head. I figured if anyone ever accidentally clicks on my blog, they’ll know up front that I’m no professional. Fortunately for me, the name caught on well. But don’t be misled, dear reader. This wasn’t my first stab at a blog. I had started and neglected three other very unsuccessful blogs. They were starved of focus, will, and inspiration that many readers saw upfront and fled from. I’m ashamed to admit it but I fled too. Those blogs are now in a very dark place, never to be seen again. So you can guess at how confident I was in Novice Journal taking off.

With the encouragement of my awesome family, I tried my best to put up a daily post and do a few other things (link tips post here). My twin sister helped me by taking a whack at wading through a bunch of fascinating blogs in the wordpress universe. Without her, I would have certainly NOT made it this far. Who knew a pinch of will and an incredible support team could get a (scratch this part out) completely lost (un-scratch) novice blogger over 900 followers and close to 300 posts in one year?

So thanks to everyone who’s helped me along these first twelve months! Thanks for the incredible and slightly overwhelming number of bloggers leaving encouraging comments in my Get to Know Me Page. Thank you to every person who’s participated in my crazy games. Thanks to those of you who check in everyday; even on the days I fail to post. Thanks to all of you who have commented on my pics and “liked” them. There’s no way Novice Journal would be here without you.

See? I told you it’d get mushy. But not unbearably so, right?

If you just scrolled down to this part – I dare you to go back up and read what I wrote. It’ll do you good 😉

As promised, the pic of the day:     



11 responses to “Birthday Time!

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  2. Hasan says:

    congratulations, it appears you blog is only 1 month older than mine, yet my blog is of no comparison to yours, any way we all post for fun, and to set the sleeping angle inside us free,
    so good job, and have fun

  3. jbcamera says:

    From one novice to another – Congratulations! Keep it up!

  4. artbyzowielouan says:

    Woop woop! well done you, congrats and Happy happy first birthday!! 😛

  5. Lovely picture of the day !

  6. Alastair says:

    Happy blogthday 😀

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