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Photo Op: Winter Berries

on December 18, 2012

Hey all!

It has undoubtedly been a while since I’ve posted (about a week or so.) Sadly, I find myself joining the hundreds of bloggers who start their posts off the same way – noting how long it’s been since they’ve posted. But I have a very good excuse! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my winter break. Okay so that’s not the best excuse, and it certainly does not let me off the hook, but at least it’s something. You may not be hearing from me in a while since I’m going out of town next week, but I’ll do my best to gather plenty of pics for the new year. All this to say, for the rest of the calendar year, my posts will be few and far between. Once 2013 rolls in, so will my plethora of posts!

In completely unrelated news, at this time next week, it’ll be Christmas! 🙂

Anyone have plans for the holidays?



2 responses to “Photo Op: Winter Berries

  1. Nice colors on those berries. I like that. Jack

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