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Beiber Who?

on April 15, 2013

When it comes to anything involving Justin Beiber, I’m well….I’m out of the loop.

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But… this app!! It makes everything look appealing, even music outside of my genre of preference…oops, I mean expertise. I met this SUPER awesome music mashup QUEEN named EllO, and after she mashed one of my songs, we became compadres fast. We did a mega mash together, and it got some fans. Our second mash however, became an instant hit and has over 1,200 likes. (If none of what I’m saying right now makes sense, you’re gonna want to scroll back a few posts!)

Like I said, I know the bare minimum of what there is to know about Beiber. So when I decided to do a remix of one of his songs, I was faced with the dilemma of only kinda knowing the chorus. Nothing else!! If you’re a Beiber fan, be forewarned, the lyrics are completely different than the original. I wrote my own lyrics and mixed up the refrain, and EllO freestyled some of her parts. I’m proud of the song, and it was fun to do something waaaaay opposite what I’m used to. As someone naturally conservative in nature, this was completely left field.

Let me stop rambling. Check it out here

Enjoy everyone!!



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