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Where is the Love??

on April 29, 2013

Welcome back to music week everyone!

I hope you all like this week’s line up of songs, I certainly enjoyed taking part! Make sure to use headphones for all the songs so that all the parts come through. I apologize if they still don’t after you use headphones; some devices just don’t work the same! Still, enjoy the music!

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This is a song I put together with me, myself, and I! Sing! by Smule just re-released a Rihanna song entitled “Cheers” for everyone too sing. I’m not too fond of the lyrics, but I liked the backbeat so I mashed it! (Click here to read up on what a mash is.) I sang Where is The Love by the Black Eyed Peas and added some Louis Armstrong, Christina Augilera, and my own lyrics.

Enjoy everyone and have a great Monday!! 😀


2 responses to “Where is the Love??

  1. This is awesome! I was groovin haha

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