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Likes N’ Dislikes

I have once again found myself unable to access any photos… ūüė¶

No flash photography

No photos today ūüė¶ (Photo credit: Leo Reynolds)

While browsing the web to get a few important things done, I came across a web page where people had posted their likes and dislikes. There didn’t seem to be a specific reason for it, but it was a fun idea. And so now, I’ll do it here too. Feel free to join in! It’ll only take a few seconds – I promise ūüôā


The word onomatopoeia and onomatopoetic                                            Macro shot photos

Overwhelming snow                                                                               Knee-high boots

Rottweilers                                                                                             Falling asleep outside under the sun

When people answer the question, “How are you?” ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Rain

Batman                                                                                                  People who acknowledge that you just waved at them

Peanut Butter Cookies                                                                             Good lyrics put to an awesome backtrack

Apple sauce                                                                                            Games with 101 things to think about (yay complex!)


Nails on a chalkboard ugghh!                                                                       Being late!

Watching people eat really strange “used-to-be-living” foods ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Superman

Polka music (it’s an¬†acquired¬†taste) ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Walking around the house with my shoes on

Thick socks                                                                                             Mushrooms

Soggy pancakes                                                                                       Soap Operas (another acquired taste)

Nail Biting                                                                                              Snowless Christmases

Again, I’d love to hear you guy’s likes and dislikes! I’m praying my pics will be back up tomorrow!


How to Fight Stage Fright

How to Fight Stage Fright (when there’s no sword on stand-by):

The time has come. The crowd has applauded your entry, the curtains have opened, and you stand alone, mic in hand, facing a sea of people. That‚Äôs when it hits. Whether it‚Äôs the ‚Äúthousand mile stare,‚ÄĚ the ‚Äústutter trap,‚ÄĚ the ‚Äúsweat of doom‚ÄĚ or plain old ‚Äúpass out,‚ÄĚ stage fright is a common thing. As someone who‚Äôs been on stage and done almost all the things mentioned above, I‚Äôve got your back. ūüėČ

Don’t: Get wrapped up in the fact that there are a bunch of people staring at you. This can lead to a freaked shriek escaping your lips…bad move.

  1. Use the good old ‚Äúillusions‚ÄĚ trick. Pretend like the crowd consists of a bunch of teletubies. Or maybe they‚Äôre all just one big sunny blob. Whatever is easy to talk to is what you should imagine. Maybe you‚Äôre in Middle Earth, talking to a bunch of Hobbits.

Don’t: Wing it. The less you know of what you’re doing, the more likely you are to become a motor mouth swimming in a sea of confusion.

  1. Practice ‚Äď but don‚Äôt overkill. I know it helps some people to repeat what they‚Äôre to say or sing a billion times. Practice does make perfect, but too much of it can take some of the life out of the speech/performance, thus making the ‚Äúorator‚ÄĚ seem mechanical. Been there, done that.

Don‚Äôt: Whisper, mumble, or replace your inhales with the word ‚Äúuh.‚ÄĚ People will either grow uninterested, impatient, or tell you to speak up. And all of those things might make you feel even more afraid.

  1. Be confident in what you have to say. Have a strong voice; make the people want to hear you. Have faith in yourself, and that you truly CAN get through this.

Don’t: Get stiff and freeze up.

  1. If you’re gonna be a robot, at least be R2-D2. Have fun. Smile. Loosen up. If the speaker is nervous, the crowd will reciprocate the emotion.

Don’t: Fill your head with negative thoughts. Whichever way your thoughts go, your performance will go the same way. In other words, if you do downhill, so will your speech.

  1. Give yourself a pep talk. ‚ÄúAlright (insert name here) you‚Äôre gonna go out there, and you‚Äôre gonna rock!‚ÄĚ As long as you don‚Äôt carry that pep talk aloud onto the stage, you should be golden.

That’s all I have for now. What are some ways that you fight stage fright?

Be sure to check out my other How to’s listed below! I would love to hear from you!

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7 things about me

This is the list I was supposed to post up yesterday with the Versatile Blogger post. 7 random things about myself…hmmm…challenge.

1. I chew ice in the morning (specifically in the winter) to wake myself up. It freaks out my family members and my friends, but eh, we‚Äôve all got our quirks. Don’t judge me! ūüôā

2.I‚Äôm a morning person! There‚Äôs something about the start to a new day that keeps my spirits high. It‚Äôs very hard to get me angry in the morning. At night, however, all bets are off ‚Äď heehee.

3.My favorite color is green, and I‚Äôve never gotten pinched on Saint Patrick‚Äôs day! Oh, and that color has never changed for me ‚Äď it always has been my favorite, always will!

4. I love music and would die without it. I listen to all genres ‚Äď except for polka (which happens to be a genre my twin thoroughly enjoys.)

5. I’m a video-gamer. Some of my favorites are KOTOR, Ratchet and Clank, and Mass Effect. Super fun.

6.My middle name is klutz. Just kidding…but it should be. You name it, I’ve sprained it. But I’ve never broken a bone before so I guess that’s something.

7. I love ultimate Frisbee. It seems to be the only sport I can play without nearly killing myself, and that’s a definite bonus!

Cheers once again to my nominees, and make sure to check them out and encourage them! ūüôā


Pets are the Best

Pets – they’re those special gems that enter people’s lives to teach them some heartwarming lesson. One that will probably then be circulated, published in a book, and given a Peace Prize. The owners consist of people who really weren’t looking for a lesson, just a gecko or two, and also would never describe themselves as writers. The animal’s powerful lesson was what granted them the power to write. Yeah, I think I’m going to stick with this story from here on out. Anyway, I’ve had a few pets myself (mostly in my younger days) and feel like posting about them. But first, let me tell you why. I’m dog sitting for the next three or so days for my neighbors. Two Pomeranians and one German Shepherd. All very endearing fuzz balls. Let’s get to that list, shall we?

1. Sarah, the Hermit Crab. My dad was never really one for having pets. Let’s just say he had his own back-story. Somehow or other, my two sisters and my mom were able to convince him to allow a few into the house, but only the low maintenance, very quiet, verging on minuscule kind. We would take anything, so there was a deal.¬† My parents bought us Hermit Crabs. We got four of them. Mine was named Sarah because I was obsessed with the name at the time. My twin sister gave hers an exotic….(yeah exotically exotic) name. My older sister named hers after my father (which we all used to try to get him to fall in love with the creatures) and the fourth… I’m not sure she or he had a name. No one could really get attached to him/her because our three attacked the poor thing before we really bonded. And then there were three….

2. Explosion, the Bunny. The Hermit Crabs didn’t last long, because 1.) We tried to race them like sledding dogs. And 2.) We forgot about them sometimes. We were way too young. Contrary to the name I just gave the albino bunny, that’s not what he was called. He wasn’t even ours. I don’t remember his name, but I do remember we took care of him for a very long while. Long enough to say we’d “owned” a bunny. I’m calling him Explosion here because he had a really crazy digestive system and his cage was a battle scene. In the end, my parents never bought us our own bunny because¬† my mom was the only person cleaning up the mess, and she was “never going through that again.”

3. The Three Musketeers, the Hamsters. We wanted a fuzzy animal to slap a leash on and go running around the neighborhood with. So we got hamsters. Bad move on our part – or rather – no move on their part. The only thing they did while in “the great outdoors” was sit and poop. With the front steps repeatedly soiled, we had to say goodbye to the hamsters, no matter how cute they were.

4. Boots, the Tabby Cat. Boots was a purring legend in our home. He was the first average size house pet we’d ever lived with. We got him as an early Christmas present. We were all thrilled. As time wore on, we found out more and more of his “less charming” features. He never listened to anyone in the house except for my father (who was still fine with having pets, but still more fine with not having them.) He went everywhere he was told not to go. He was extremely hard to find, and when found, he would greet you with a quick slash of the claw. I’m not sure he was the best candidate for a “family cat.” His last escapade involved him dukeing it out with my mother to see where her limits lay. When he relieved himself on my older sisters bed four times and then on one our our favorite couches out of protest (he wasn’t allowed downstairs for a spell) it was time for him to find a new family. And he did, so I’m happy. (Oh and to all you cat lovers out there, I’m not against the fur balls, it just that this one in particular was a bad choice to start with. I’m sure he’d do better now that I’m older and can show 1% more restraint.)

5. Buster, the blabadoxie -er- dog. Our first family dog! He made us all so happy. He was an older dog, who despised puppies and spent most of his time barking at leaves, twigs, the air, himself, other dogs, and anything within his line of vision… And anything outside of his line of vision. ANYTHING AT ALL. We called him Filibuster, and Shorty Pants, because he was super short. He was a definite mix between a Labrador, Corgie, and a Dachshund. But almost every time we went to the vet, they added a new breed onto the list. We just said he was his very own, special kind of breed. He brought the house so much laughter. One day (Christmas day actually) he had a hard time breathing. The next day, he ended up needing to be put to sleep because he had severe lung cancer. It was one of the saddest goodbyes I’d ever said.

6. Roxanne, the Rottweiler. We decided (as in, my sisters, my mother and I) that we needed another dog. So my dad allowed us (he’s such a great father) to get -what we called- a toy rottie. We adopted her, as we’d done Buster, and the starting point was rough. She’d been badly abused, and had serious trust issues. That, along with her super build, made it hard to really run around and play with her. It took six months to finally break her shell. And when she did, she was the most amazing, most gorgeously sweet thing we ever laid eyes on. She loved the family, and was a wonderful companion. She ended up having some very expensive illnesses though (she had lived such a hard life, and some things were coming back to bite her) and we ended up having to put her in more capable hands. (But not Allstate hands…haha gotcha.)

Right now I have no pets, except for the three I’m dog-sitting. It’s a really rewarding thing to let a pet into your home. They warm your heart. So I want to know, what pets have you had? And give me a funny/touching/awesome/strange moment that you’ve shared with said creature!


The Little Things….

It’s the little things that get me excited. If there was a huge group of kids gawking into an over sized fish tank at the aquarium, I’d be the one to really appreciate the care that the cleaners put into shining the glass. If someone were to take me shoe shopping (something I rarely do) I’d spend most of my time infatuated with how they get those little chords to hold on so tightly to the product. I mean really, I’d have to¬†exert¬†a lot of energy just to pull one off. So here’s a post about the little things that make me so happy, I have to go hold a snow globe in blissful wonder. Now if only I had a snow globe….

1. Pressing “like” on a post, and making the number of “likes” and even number. It just makes me happy to have evened things out for the post, because it very well deserved it. Now, we can all be at peace because instead of living with the dreaded 41, Ray has pushed it over to a calming 42. And if I make it a number divisible by 10, that’s all the better. (I’d need two snow globes for that one.)

2. If I smile at someone and say “how are you?,” not only do they smile back¬†but they also answer the question. You have no idea how many times people have just left the question hanging in the air! And then it leaves this horrible feeling inside me, like there’s something I’ve done wrong. WHAT WAS IT?! I CAN CHANGE! I’m slowly learning to let that one go, but the people who smile and respond, those people are awesome in my book.

3. Hearing little kids say “please” and “thank you.” ¬†It gives me a bright outlook on their future. Those kids are the ones that will rule our country, save a wounded antelope, and start charity organizations. The kids that don’t, well, let’s just say the future is muddled. One day they could be innocent little duckies, the next, tyrants getting their statue torn down by the local rebellion squad. Short careers as dictators for those kids. (And here’s where I hope I said “please” and “thank you” when I was a kid.)

4. Non-Creaky floors. I love to walk around and not have the sound “grandpa-rat-on-a-megaphone” follow me everywhere. It’s a real pain to be announced every step of the way. Ugh, it just gives me the creeps, like the song Thriller¬†should come on and a bunch of random zombies are going to dance around me. That would be terrifying to say the least. (Yes, I think about this every time I walk on a super¬†squeaky¬†floor. Lucky for you, I don’t do this often.)

5. Looking at paperweights. How do they jam-pack so much detail into something so small? I love paperweights and although they don’t do much aside from hold down paper, they bring me joy. They can stay – case closed.

6. Finding out that my clothes match, especially when it was all unplanned. Here’s where I’d be thinking, “yes, okay, I’ve got skill even when I’m not trying!” And then I would remember that outfit so that I could wear it again (in a different place so that people wouldn’t recognize it.) It’s nice to get complimented on something that you put together naturally¬†-or you can at least tell people that is was. ūüėČ

7. When people remember my name. How hard can “Ray” be? Really? The people who remember make me so happy. It shows they care. I have a lot of nicknames, and respond to most of them, but even with that¬†plethora of names they still get them wrong. :/ I’m so grateful I’m slow to anger!

8. Watching cars let pedestrians cross. A little chivalry goes a long way. Have you ever seen the “pass it on” commercials? They’re my motto. They’re so excellently plotted.

9. Watching premiers on “premier night.” I’m so bad at doing this. There always seems to be something in the way of me and seeing the first televised viewing of the new NCIS season. Grrrr. Oh, and get this – for the newest season, I finally made it on time, got comfy, and then was called to go do something else. I wanted to kick granit. I NEED MY GIBBS TIME! (Remember, I’m slow to anger – hahaha.)

10. Getting emails regarding my blog here on wordpress. It makes me smile every time you (the wonderful readers) makes a comment, “likes,” or follows. I thank you all so much for everything!

What are the “little things” that make you happy?


Sick on a Sunny Day

There’s something about being sick that makes the whole world dull. It’s almost like looking through a tinted¬†windowpane, coated in dust. The more you brush off, the more you realize just how badly the window is tinted. Looking though that window, the entire world seems just as dull and dusty. For some reason, I keep looking out that window, thinking that one day the view will change. I’d never considered changing the window¬†before.¬†

I’ve been sick for the past few days. My head feels like mad apes are beating it like a gong. My eyes water as if I’ve squeezed raw onion juice into them. And my sinuses have proven that they’d rather be stuffed than free. It’s been killing me to roll out of bed with a cheerful spirit, and then to keep up the joy during the day. Instead of giving someone the biggest smile they ever did see, I’d rather frown until the corners of my mouth scrape across the floor. But reader, that wouldn’t be right, now would it? In order to focus on being happy for what I have, rather than upset for what’s been¬†temporarily¬†taken from me (my health) I’m posting up a few ways I try to get a positive mindset during trying times.

1. Smile. A smile can illuminate the world¬†– or so says my blogging profile pic. Every time I am forced to smile, I’m also forced to work to be happy. The more I smile, the easier it is to be so.

2. ¬†Listen to happy music. It is so easy for me to listen to music about how depressing life is, while I’m sick. But maybe while I’m feeling a bit down, what I really need is a pick-me -up!

3. Keep a Positivity Box. I’ve kept one over the past few years. Mine is a bag, but what you do is find a place to stash a bunch of¬†encouraging¬†things about you. This could be “get well” or “happy birthday” cards. It could be letters from loved ones. It could be a little trinket that reminds you of something you’ve accomplished. It could even be scripture or a fun little doodle you drew. Every time you are feeling low and worn, remember and go through the box/bag. It’s there to help you love yourself and be proud of yourself.

4. Do something fun. If you’re sick like me, you’re¬†resources¬†are limited. But you can still do something fun. You can write, read, sing, daydream, watch videos…. if you’re healthy, do what you gotta do! If you can spend some time doing what you love, that can be a real booster.

5. Talk to a friend. Open up! Friends are there to help spur you along life’s road. The earlier you open up, the earlier things can get better.

6. Get fresh air. There’s nothing like the sweet taste of outdoors. Feeling a bit of sunshine can do the body good. Don’t stay cooped up for long. Even if it’s only about five minutes, take some time to breathe deep. (If you can’t go outside, can you crack a window?)

So what are some ways you help yourself feel happy? And does anyone have a good way to cure a cold?


How to Kill time in the Doc’s Lair

I don’t know about you, but it just about kills me to sit in the doctor’s office waiting room. There’s an eerie smell that floats about and strange people casting you harsh looks. It’s as if they’re saying “how dare you get sick! The doc was supposed to be all mine this morning. ALL MINE!” In having my fair share of logged in waiting hours, I’ve come up with some ways to kill time, instead of being killed by it myself. Does that make sense?

1. Read magazines – that’s what they’re there for! Most of them will probably be irrelevant to you (as they’re almost always that way for me) but they’re still fun to browse. There is always something new to be learned and shared inside those floppy pages. “Hey, I know the best way to take care of my iguana’s scale rash!” “Who knew that pinnaple could be so health promoting?”

2. Watch the television – if there’s even one there. Normally the volume is turned off (or down so low that it might as well be) so it’s cool to pretend like I know what they’re saying. Most of my guesses are way off base, but at least I shaved off 1 1/2 minutes. Yes!

3. Pick an object, and count how many you can find in the office. This may result in you, twisting around in your chair and calling out random numbers (“7! No, 13!”) at odd times and making the other time killers a bit confused. Who cares what they think? It’s your time that’s being killed, while they slide on by like a slug in July.

4. Count how many people there are in the room, and then make a bet to see how many people there will be left (or added) within the next 2 minutes. You can bet yourself, or the tired person dosing off next to you (that way you can always win. Who are they to judge? They were alseep…heeheehee.)

5. Pretend like your playing on your phone. I’ve got only one game on mine, and it’s prone to glitch up. BUT if you pretend like you have the ultimate game locked away on your cell, PLAY IT! It can be one of those search and find games where you stare at the screen until your eyes start to simmer. It could be one where you have to battle the ultimate Kong Frog Hopping Nija and your thumbs take over your mind. It could even be one where you have to whisper into the phone. Whatever floats your boredom boat. Hey, and it’ll even get the other patients jealous. They really want to see what that frog nija can do.

6. Pretend to fall asleep. You’ll spend so much time working on your snoring technique that time will slip through your fingers. If you’re lucky, you will actually fall asleep and be baffled¬†that your five minute nap lasted half an hour…plus three seconds.

7.¬†Bring a book¬†or some music.¬†There’s nothing¬†like bringing a Mary Poppin’s bag to keep you extra entertained. Once I find her bag, I’m going to bring a bookshelf – with books. BOO-YAH.

8. Make friendly conversation with another patient. “Oh so what are you in for?” can be a dangerous question to start out with. Work¬†with the light stuff like “nice shirt” or “that is one awesome glockenspiel. Did you bring it to play for the doctor?”

9. Come fashionably late. But not too late – and not too often. Try to do that on slow days and make it a super-runway-one-minute kind of late.

10. If your a writer/blogger, start writing. Get out that pen and paper and write out a poem or post to share up in/on your journal/blog. One day, you will read over those pages and be stunned at just how compsed you were while being so bored.

If you actually do any of these, shoot me a comment! I’d love to¬†hear about it! (Yes I know I just gave you a list of 10 crazy things!!) For the¬†rest of you, how do you kill time in the doctor’s office?


Four More Hours to Rule the World

This is another post written from a prompt, cutesy of the wordpress rockers. 

We’ve all begged for it at one point or another. We’ve all tried to make it. We’ve all lost it. Some of us were lucky enough to find it again. Time. It’s here, and then gone. But what would life be like with four more hours? Do we really need more time? Or should we use what time we already have, more wisely? If I had four more hours in a day I would…

1. Sleep. It’s hard to get up early, especially after the late nights. If I could sleep more, life would be total bliss.

2. Spend more time blogging. I do blog a lot now, but I would work and explore the wordpress universe more if only time would allow.

3. Home cook every single meal. I’ve got more time to cook things? YES! I would try to bake and fry, blend and stir. Plus, I’d have more time to clean the kitchen.

4. ¬†Edit photos. It’s always a big project to start working on the masses of pictures I’ve taken. I never seem to have the time. How about four extra hours? Sign me up.

5. Go on road trips all the time. Need I explain this one? It would be so cool to visit friends and not be pressed for time!

6. Play laser tag as if I were in Mass Effect. It takes a long time to move stealth-like in the dark. Four extra hours would give me the perfect amount of time to vanquish my enemy.

This is all I can think of for now. But I’m pretty sure I would do a whole lot more, given the time! What would you do with four extra hours?

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My Television Heroes

I’m not into all of the top shows. I’m not always on the television either. But I do have a few heroes that rock this world, and when I go to join the couch potatoes, I’m watching these guys and gals.¬†

Leroy Jethro Gibbs: He is my all time television character. Played by Mark Harmon in the glorious, NCIS, Gibbs is the head agent in his squad. He acts like a father to all of the characters, and normally goes with the “tough love” approach. His trademarked move is the “Gibbs Slap.” Even though he can seem a bit cold, he truly has a soft heart, and it generally comes out while he’s interacting with Abbey (the¬†forensic¬†scientist) and children. NCIS is a great show, by the way.

Trinity: played by Carrie-Anne Moss in the movie The Matrix. Not only was this movie amazing for it’s visual effects, the characters had so much depth and there was a moral and purpose to each one. Trinity was my favorite for her “tough girl” appeal and her wicked sweet fighting skill. Trinity is my heroine because she never gave up on the main character, even in times where most of her colleagues gave up on him. It was her faith in Neo (the main character) that allowed him to become The One. She’s a great example of having faith in something or someone despite the current circumstances.

Ben Bailey: Cash Cab‘s finest! He’s the game show host. First of all, I think that this show idea is a wonderful one. To host a game show in a cab? It can’t get anymore amazing! That way, a bunch of locals can play, and the television viewers can get a kick out of all the surprised cab rider faces. Ben has great humor, and keeps the show light. I typically don’t like show hosts because most of them are so full of themselves. Ben is the complete opposite. He’s a great host, and I love this show!

Mario Batali: One of the supreme Iron Chef’s from the show of the same tile. I love Batali because he’s such a slow cooker. It’s always a nail¬†biting¬†experience to watch him cook down to the last second, but he has pulled out so many wins! He’s also a humble chef and never gloats. His demeanor is constantly at ease, even in the heat of battle. What can shake this guy? He also cooks Italian food…yum.

Hines Ward: My all time favorite football player on my all time favorite football team!!!!! He’s an excellent player (which is why I’m sad his career is coming to an end) and an amazing dancer (winner of Dancing With the Stars season 12.) With a name like Hines Ward, you can’t go wrong. He’s got a great attitude on the field, and an blinding smile.

Mandisa: She sings, and has an incredible voice! (So many people do/have one or the other.) Her music is so uplifting. It was very cool to see her for a spell on American Idol, and it was inspiring that she didn’t change her beliefs just to win the competition. That shows some strength, and I want to follow her example. Plus, I like her name. It sounds really cool.

Adele: Finally a singer in my range! I love her voice, and she has a beautiful accent. Her lyrics make me want to write better, they have so much meaning to them! I love every song on her new cd, 21,¬†and I’ve heard it played everywhere. She’s¬†definitely¬†climed up the popularity ladder. I’m rooting for her. Excellent voice, excellent songs. No complaints here.

Afro Blue: All of them. They were this season’s #5 in the show The Sing-Off.¬†They had some very smart pieces, and I was sad they got booted. They were my favorite group from the start, and I hope I will see them again! Who knew that one college class could sound so good and work so well together?


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My Top Five Favorite Things to Eat

I love food! Especially food from outside the U.S. My parents do a lot of travel, so when they get back they love to share the food with us. I’ve learned to like quite a bit of Indian food over the past few years. This list has no certain order. I think they all share the #1 spot! I’d love to hear what your favorites are! Note: All of these are gluten-free options!

1. Indian Lentils. These are the bomb! I love to have them over rice and eat with my hands just like they do in India. It’s also fun to go restaurant hopping and taste different variants of this dish. I’ve only cooked this dish once myself, and it didn’t turn out half bad! Indian spices are what makes this dish a mouth-watterer. The smell of spices can fill the kitchen. It’s a very filling dish!

2. Thai Red Curry Fried Rice. I’ve tasted my share of regular chicken/veggie fried rice. But when I got my first bite of the same dish¬†infused¬†with red curry, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I learned not to leave the dish unattended in the fridge…. other people will sneak in and eat it up!!! At first I thought the curry was a bit spicy, but after revisiting this dish a few times, I’m used to the heat. And make sure you’re hungry when you eat this one – you’re going to want to eat the whole thing from start to finish!

3. Homemade nachos. One day, my twin sister and I decided to make the ultimate nachos. We used some raw cheese you can buy at you local¬†grocer, (then melted it down in the oven over chips) and added a bunch of fun things to the mix. In the end, the dish looked beautiful, and it tasted divine! We haven’t made it in a while because there was a lot of cheese involved but I’m sure we’ll make it again! -I can still taste the goodness!-

4. Dosai. (Pronounced like dosa) It is a great, great, GREAT thing to eat on the go. It’s almost like a breakfast wrap. I love to get the regular onion and potato stuffed one. Dosai can get to be pretty long too, so sometimes it’s good to split it with a friend. I once went to a restaurant where they served complimentary dosai. I took as many as they’d let me!

5. Anything with potatoes. Fries are what I normally grab. I love¬†hash-browns¬†(I’m a sucker for¬†sauteed onion) and even potato casserole -even though I don’t normally eat casserole.-¬† I’ve cut down the¬†amount¬†of potatoes I eat every once in a while, but it’s hard to stay away forever!