Novice Journal

A little this – a little that!

Photo Op: Trapped

Just like with yesterday’s post, I had a lot of dead space in a photo I liked, and I really wanted to do something with the pic other than let it collect virtual dust. So I chose a quote that highlighted the fact that the pic was of a gate….yeah, it’s a gate….and BLAM! There you have it. Today’s photo op.

In regards to the quote – it’s a tricky one. I found myself going back over it a couple of times to make sure I read it right. Whether I had to reread it because the wording is smartly put or because I need to start using my glasses for something other than shelf ornamentation is up to you.


Photo Op: Girl’s Best Friend

Here’s a pic I took of Roxie a while back. There was a lot of dead space, and I needed some way to fill it. What fills a photo better than a quote? You’ll see I’ve done the same thing with tomorrow’s pic. Happy Tuesday everyone!


Photo Op: Lightning

On my way out from visiting family last night, I was greeted by flashes of lightning lighting up the clouds! It took forever to get a semi-decent photo with my iPhone, but enjoy these two pics 🙂 Next time I sure hope I have my camera on hand!




Photo Op: S’mores

This little kitty has been chilling in my backyard for quite some time now. I’m not complaining, he…or she takes care of any mice that might want to “scout the house.” This fluffy semi-pet’s name? S’mores. Yup, came up with that one yesterday. This pic came out pretty clear for being behind glass. I thought he/she looked so cute sleeping on the back deck 🙂

P.S. Happy first day of summer everyone!!! Cheers to cold lemonade!