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Rock Mars Mafia

We’ve made it to Friday again!

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Anyone else think this year has just been flying by? Well, regardless, I’ve been working on shaping my mash skills and put together a Bruno Mars/Rock Mafia Mashup. I hope you all enjoy it and have a great weekend!! ❤

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Gotta Love My Thursdays!

Great news! I was able to upload all my photos! Like I always say, good things happen on Thursdays! So next week, be on the lookout for a week full of food pics!

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But since this week has been all about music, I’ll keep with the theme! The app just released Hero by Mariah Carey for all to sing to, and I tried a solo go!  I hope you all enjoy it 🙂 (I am in no way preffessional so excuse the mistakes hahaha)


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Wedding Tune

Hey all!

I haven’t been on wordpress checking out other blogs as of late, but I promise to do so soon. There are so many awesome and creative blogs out there!

Also, I know I promised you all pictures asap (and believe me, I have them) but I’ve run into a bit of a technical snag. The moment I’m able to download my photos, is the moment you get to see them here. Fingers crossed it works soon!

Ahh, now that THAT’S over, let get to the actual post, shall we?

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Here’s another music mashup! I call it, The Wedding Song. Florence & The Machine, Boys II Men, and Bruno Mars duke-ing it out. Almost all the voices are mine, aside from the ones that came with the backtrack 🙂





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Beiber Who?

When it comes to anything involving Justin Beiber, I’m well….I’m out of the loop.

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But… this app!! It makes everything look appealing, even music outside of my genre of preference…oops, I mean expertise. I met this SUPER awesome music mashup QUEEN named EllO, and after she mashed one of my songs, we became compadres fast. We did a mega mash together, and it got some fans. Our second mash however, became an instant hit and has over 1,200 likes. (If none of what I’m saying right now makes sense, you’re gonna want to scroll back a few posts!)

Like I said, I know the bare minimum of what there is to know about Beiber. So when I decided to do a remix of one of his songs, I was faced with the dilemma of only kinda knowing the chorus. Nothing else!! If you’re a Beiber fan, be forewarned, the lyrics are completely different than the original. I wrote my own lyrics and mixed up the refrain, and EllO freestyled some of her parts. I’m proud of the song, and it was fun to do something waaaaay opposite what I’m used to. As someone naturally conservative in nature, this was completely left field.

Let me stop rambling. Check it out here

Enjoy everyone!!


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Is It Safe to Leave the Week Yet?

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Yay the weekend has come! Ever had a week where Monday came and you were already wishing it were Friday? Oh, who am I kidding? That’s almost everyone I know. If that’s not you, you lead an incredible life and I envy you for it! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t carry this wishing-the-week-away card around in my back pocket every day of the year. Simply put, some weeks are better than others. When exams clutter up your week and your grades hold you at gunpoint, well, it wouldn’t hurt to hit the fastforward button to life.

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(Funny thing about that photo is there is no fast-forward button!!)

So, as you trudge, sprint, dance, fly, work, relax, blog, or simply make your way in to the weekend, I do hope you enjoy it!

Love, Hugs and Ladybugs!


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What Happens When OneRepublic, Justin Timberlake, Portal and Tina Turner Collide

Yeah, you read the title correctly. Pretty crazy right?

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For those of you who missed the last two posts, I’ve been kicking it on an app called Sing! by Smule. It’s a karaoke app designed to let music lovers from across the globe sing songs the way they want to. I have met several incredibly talented people through the app and learned a thing or two about creativity and singing in general. One popular thing to do on the app is called a “mashup.” A mashup is where you sing lyrics to one song, while the backtrack to another is playing. Sounds mind boggling and utterly confusing, right? RIGHT! But after several tries, I have been able to learn my way around the mashing process. Here is a mash I created putting four songs together, and writing my own rap to top it. I’m anything BUT a rapper, but it sure was fun to try out a new genre of music! Make sure you use headphones while listening to the song, and comment down below to let me know what you think. Remember, this is a mashup. It’s not meant to make sense lyrically, it’s just supposed to be cool. 😀 Oh, and all the voices are mine!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


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I Love to Sing!

I have been crazy addicted to this app, and my friends and family have been forced to hear me talk about it all day long. It’s just so fun to get creative!

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One thing I’ve been learning how to do recently is make a “mash up.” It’s when you sing a the lyrics to one song while the backtrack to another is playing. Sounds crazy right?? I was skeptical at first, but it really can work. Check out my recent mash up and let me know what you think of it! I sang My Girl by the Temptations to the backtrack of Justin Beiber’s U Smile. I don’t rock out to Beiber, but it sure was fun mashing this song! Make sure to use your headphones. All the voices (except the male ones singing the real song) are mine!

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I Haven’t Forgotten About You!!!

It’s been a while….

I miss blogging SO MUCH!! So I’ve decided to quit missing it and come on back. Here’s the part where I should probably explain myself. Between a crazy schedule and irritating sickness, this year has started off as a hectic one. AND I’ve been working on crafting a new skill – singing. I got a karaoke app called Sing! by Smule. At first I thought it would be a pretty hoaky app, but it has turned out to be quite fun! So I will post some links for you all to check out and you’ve gotta let me know what you think. Don’t worry, I haven’t completely given up on photography. I am in the process of editing some photos now!

Thanks to all of you for your patience ❤

-Ray – make sure to use headphones!! Sometimes not all the parts come through without them :/ (P.S. All the voices and snaps are mine!!)


Photo Op: Finally!!

The weatherman’s been telling me to prepare for snow since November. But FINALLY last night we got some snow! Hopefully more comes soon. 🙂


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Photo Op: Fish of the Jelly Variety

Saw my fair share of these guys over the winter break 🙂