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I have to admit, haikus are WAAAAY harder than they look. But I gave this one a try! Yes, another thing about nature, but hey, I just can’t get enough of it! Tell me what you think!

Spring Wind: 

Faded footsteps print hillsides

Breaths hug rolling waves

Softly kisses baby wings


Dawn and Dusk

Here are two different poems I wrote (at two very different times) about dawn and dusk. Note that in the first poem, each mini paragraph spells either “dawn” or “dusk” on the left side. Plus, the first and last sentences each end with the word “sun.” (That was on purpose.) And the second poem is one I wrote for my upcoming book, Terra Spar. Enjoy!

Dawn & Dusk:

Dawn picks up her skirts to greet the Sun

And many join her side in wonder and wait

With ginger eyes closed, she curtsies low

Never seeing her king, yet she feels his warm presence


Dusk makes his way to the edges of the sky

Under shades of purple he watches the light disappear

Somewhat outcast, he greets the darkness

Kept forever at the trail end of the Sun


In a Day: 


Golden, silent

Rising, glowing, charming

Brilliant, early, dwindled, late

Fading, ending, greying

Dusty, auburn



Night Mares

For those of you who are “newer” to my blog, let me give you some background here . My twin sister and I are writing a poetry story book called Terra Spar. I think it’s pretty cool. 🙂 Anyhoooo, this is a poem we co-wrote, all about having nightmares (I promise you, this isn’t scary!) So if you get the chance, be sure to check out a few of my other poems in this book !

Characters: Nighttide (in this poem, here’s the horse/Master Night.) He’s our “villain”  so to speak. Solflame: He’s the new king (in this poem he’s the sun/Day.) He’s the super valiant hero. Enjoy the poem!

Night Mares:

He sets the stage at dusk

Dusk, it’s here, its columns dark

Darkened actors wait backstage

Backstage, they stretch and arc

Creatures, all lovers of Night

Night has made an exit right

Right, no left, a cricket comes in

Comes in, to let all begin

Operatic sounds cool the guests

Guests are soothed by harmonies

Harmonies do hypnotize

Hypnotizing sounds, sweet melodies

Acrobats twirl down from ceiling

Ceiling cracked, yet unrevealing

Unrevealed master observes

Observers watch on undisturbed

Leisurely crowd soon finds amiss

Amiss with words sung so sweetly

Sweet turns sour in their veins

Vainly try to run free

Deafening clock begins to chime

Chimes in rhythm, twelve times

Time has come, Night’s at his peak

Peaked mare begins to speak

Nightmares disperse on weary dreamers

Dreamers try to pull away

Away from hooves so cold and black

Black and blue, they call out for the Day

Master Night does battle hard

Hardly pulls back, merciful not

Not an hour too late, the Sun rises

Rising, soon the pain’s forgot


The Clash of Nighttide

Here is a poem I wrote with my sister for a book we’re working on titled, “Terra Spar.” It’s our perspective of the Sun fighting away the Night. (Nighttide -aka The Night Mare- is a horse) 🙂

The Clash of Nighttide:

I should have felt him drawing near

His shadows ever growing here

His faintly, hoofed steps all too clear

His distant brays shall be revered

To slay this beast, I took an oath

I should have felt him coming close

Lady Rage ensnared us both

Her husband, Bitter, was our host

I should have sensed his fist attack

His hooves poised high, aimed for my back

His twisted mane, a deathly black

His conscious mind, quick to react

My fighting skill was to exalt

I should have felt his last assault

When all came quickly to a halt

I’d only won by sheer default

I should have felt him slip away

His shadows made room for the Day

His presence stained me with a bray

His rash decisions will make him pay

With silver scar, he fled wild eyed

I should have sensed him quickly hide

We’ll fight again to mend my pride

I am the Sun, and he, Nighttide



This is another poem about Princess Vendaval (see -Pained Memory) and her struggle to feel like she is loved and needed in this world. I wrote it to be kind of a bittersweet look on wind. Ever present, yet invisible. Her loving the children symbolizes her want for love, and how she tries so hard to care for others, but can still be overlooked. This poem may be a little too vague – let me know what you think. I enjoyed the challenge of writing it. Mirror poems are harder than they look! Enjoy, and if you’d like more, like/comment and/or read my other poems from this book! (Rain, To Think of You, Pained Memory.) Thanks for reading!  



Impossible sight

Inhale, exhale, feel

Breathe and know

Love life’s children,

Skipping around placidly placed circles

Laughter floating through open hearts

Unknown, yet gusts are strong

Singing sweet over me

From fallen tears

Gentle so, fragrance bustles about

Life’s what wind breathes

– Nature –

Breathes wind

What Life’s about

Fragrance, so gentle

Tears fallen from me, over sweet singing

Strong are gusts, yet unknown

Hearts open through floating laughter

Circles placed placidly around skipping children

Life’s love

Know and breathe

Feel, exhale, inhale

Sight, impossible




Alright, so to those of you following along, here’s another part to Terra Spar. (Check out my other poems in this collection!) I wrote a poem about a meadow, and then split it up into three parts, to divide the book. For this poem in particular, I gave myself the challenge to use some “word[s] of the day” from Ah! Did I use the words correctly?? I’m super excited with how far my sister and I have come in writing it. Here we go!

Meadow Part 1:

Watch the flowers effloresce

Petals dripped with sunshine zest

Lilacs dandled by soft breeze

Tulips slant lacking protest

Achenes dance cross grassy vest

Foofaraw’s dissolve upon request

Replaced by giggling physiognomies

Wind huddled deep in chirper’s nest

Meadow Part 2:

The pasture grants a toothsome offer

To lie in shade and omit bother

The whispers blow and hold you close

Whilst pouring bliss into your coffer

The ground is prinked and humming psalters

Sound resonates from every quarter

Contented flora gives a toast

To clinquant pebbles as they saunter

Meadow Part 3:

Askance thoughts melt painlessly

And Peace serves as a votary

Flaxen light embraces skin

Such sapid tranquil harmony

Troubles lost within the trees

Pamper your dilatory

Pain kneaded out through violin

Land only reached through fantasy

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Seasons Dreams

Here is one of my favorite collaboration poems I’ve written with my twin for our book – hopefully coming out spring of 2012. It’s a poem about the seasons changing. It’s meant to be read as a loop – once you make it to the end, if you go back to the top and read once more, it should connect. I love seeing the seasons change drastically, and I wrote the autumn part while on a walk around my neighborhood. Enjoy!

(Character check: Himmel – the king’s elder brother. He represents the sky. Solflame – king’s son who takes the throne after his passing. He represents the sun. What do you think… should I keep writing up about this book, or choose something new? I think I’m just so excited about putting this book together!!!)

Spring Dreams: 

Blushing pink and youthful green

Pastel sky, now fresh and clean

Returning oak and blooming pine

Confidence comes to thawing vines

Mother wakes from lengthy nap

Strong enough to break through trap

Inhales deep, begins to wake

Moon dries eyes, for mother’s sake

King Solflame will rise again

His mother’s sight he does mend

Ruler returns to his throne

Melting every tree and stone

Summer Dreams: 

Forest green and fire yellow

Himmel Sky, so strong not mellow

Strengthened oak and merry pine

Are at play with cheeky vines

Mother earth let laugh escape

Robed in lovely flora cape

Mused, she sits with joyful daughter

Moon keeps watch as land gets hotter

Joyous king rules from his palace

Earth and Sea are filled with gladness

Sun in all his glory

Glowing bright for all to see

Autumn Dreams: 

Apple red and tangerine hue

Blackened sky, covered in jewels

Sturdy oak and growing pine

Slowly blinded by the vines

Mother Earth comes down to sleep

Wrapped in leafy canopies

She will be a dosing soon

Guarded by her daughter the Moon

King Solflame begins to rise

Opening his mother’s eyes

Sun in all his majesty

Shines his rays upon the trees

Winter Dreams: (Bon)

Tear stained blue and frightened white

Brilliant sky, quite still and light

Frigid oak and drooping pine

Ice is growing upon the vines

Mother earth asleep at last

Encased in white, frozen trap

She does shiver while she sleeps

While daughter in-law gently weeps

Solflame looks with bleary eyes

Soon his task becomes a grind

Sun, he shakes in misery

Sulking well below the trees

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Here is yet another poem from my co-written book, Terra Spar. It’s a scene where King Cobalt (who represents the sea) is taken on an adventure in his subconscious to learn that there is hope. Ever found yourself feeling hopeless and in need of a little pick-me-up? I certainly have! Believe me, there is an end to all the bad things! I hope you enjoy the poem.  


As the Sun shone bright, I held the light

In my right hand

And in my left, who could forget

That timer made of sand

It felt good in my palm, as my midst stood calm

All stiller than would seem

Then wonder arrived, and I lost the time

My heart began to dream

Envy and Rage had built a cage

As far as I could image

So trapped I was, and all because

My mind was stuffed with scrimmage

Above me high was my demise

My failures on an alp

Sin and faults, then above them all

Was my ever present doubt

My cheeks were stained with salty rain

By a sight too tall to climb

The Sky concealed but light did spill

Down on this hand of mine

For a sign I wished and timer flipped

As grains began to count

The time moved straight but my mistakes

From me were slipping out

They drifted up, all I’d thought of

Was leaving me at once

I waved farewell to pain that swelled

And greeted my Goosebumps

Gone to the fears and all the years

Of failure looming by

Gone to the hurts and all the worst

Blunders now I defy

Then sight returned and ease well earned

Forgiveness for myself

No matter the tide, I’ll take it in stride

And fight my troubles well

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Pained Memory

To give you a little background, one of my sisters and I are writing a poetry story book. It’s been quite a feat to work on, but we’ve made a lot of progress. It’s not professional work, yes, but it’ll be a nice keepsake. I’ve been posting some of the poetry from the book on here already (The Clash of Nighttide, Rain, To Think of You) and I’m considering keeping this up. What do you think? This poem here is where the princess, (Vendaval -who represents the wind) is grieving the loss of her father. (King Cobalt – who represents the sea.) I hope you like this one! 

Pained Memory: 

Lost at sea she stands

With a seashell in her hands

Fingertips on quill

Eyes a misty hue

She flies between green and blue

Set with unquenched will

Ragged skirt a-blow

As she searches far below

For dusty memory

Wrinkled brow is set

Ocean spray getting her wet

Her heart burns “come back for me”

Who could touch her soul?

In a way hidden, unknown

Never let her go on

Whose hands could be so black?

They don’t surrender to attack

Now she sings a loner’s song

Striped down to the bone

Trembling shovel makes her home

Deep within the sand

Fears will burry her alive

Lest she fights what’s deep inside

She’s gained an empty hand

“Will, will you resign

Leave this starving heart of mine

A hole deep in my core”

“Longing set me free

Harsh troubles leave me be

Now I scar forever more”

Her heart lies in brown box

Eagle crest and golden locks

With cold stilled heart

Something inside can’t go away

She needs someone to light her way

To a better start

Lost at sea she stands

With a seashell in her hands

Fingertips on quill

Eyes a misty hue

She flies between green and blue

Set with unquenched will

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Whenever it rains, I love to run outside and just get lost in the wonder. It’s almost as if I’m in another world. So one day, I sat down and wrote a poem about it. I hope you like it! 


Your tears fall on my face

As drops of rain stain me

Dark streaks shade my eyes

And I feel cold

My world fades from view

A thick grey veil falls

Alone in a bleak place

And my skin prunes

Little white horses cascade

Into tiny soup bowls

Minute creatures splash

And I smile fondly

Streams stick close to me

And rivers gently massage

Fresh air calms me down

And I feel at peace

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